• Differentiate 

    With White Papers

  • Boost
    Conversion Rates

    With remarkable website copy

  • Target Your
    Niche Audience

    With well-researched e-Books


Two to four article opportunities each month
Dedicated account support
Comprehensive thought leadership strategy

White Papers

Good information backed by well-documented research is worth its weight in gold. When someone signs up for your white paper on your landing page they are connecting with you and allowing you to connect with them. They will gladly do this if your white paper provides useful information and insight they can’t get elsewhere.

Make it authoritative. Do your homework and make sure you mention previous authoritative work on the subject. Your mission isn’t to be the only expert in the field – it’s to be the latest expert with the freshest insights.

Create a great landing page. Include a summary and topics to let people know what the whitepaper’s about. Tell them why it’s important to them, and with time and exposure, include some snippets from comments and reviews.

2016 Content Marketing Trends Content Marketing Institute

Does your organization use content marketing?

88% say yes

How effective is your organization at content marketing?

30% say they are effective

Does your organization have a content strategy?

32% have a strategy

What’s your organization’s top content challenge?

60% say producing engaging content

The Content Strategy

Content is more than just a piece of the puzzle; it can fuel many parts of your business. Our team will work with you to use our knowledge extraction process to develop a custom strategy that accomplishes your goals.

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