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Content for your company’s social media platforms
Guest-contributed content on external publications
Gated content and email content

Social Media Content

The technology industry has a specific online voice and tone. When crafting compelling content you must use language that addresses your target audience as a business partner. In order to build relationships with clients, the content should mirror the industry language.

If you write compelling content, they will come!

Tech companies want to hire like-minded companies who have a firm understanding of who they are and what they do. An experienced marketing firm knows how to tailor the copy by doing these three things:

Connect with existing communities of potential clients

Target content by niche, not by how many likes

Unite the audience with rallying cries

2016 Content Marketing Trends Content Marketing Institute

Does your organization use content marketing?

88% say yes

How effective is your organization at content marketing?

30% say they are effective

Does your organization have a content strategy?

32% have a strategy

What is your organization’s top content challenge?

60% say producing engaging content

The Plan of Attack

There are a lot of moving parts in planning, managing, and creating content that aligns with the rest of your marketing initiatives. That’s why our team will develop and implement a complete content marketing strategy, including blog posts, guest-contributed content, gated content, and an email newsletter.

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