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Marquis Interactive is a strategic content marketing agency that specializes in executive branding. We manage thought leadership campaigns for businesses and brands wanting to position their CEO & executive team as industry trailblazers. 

Executive Branding

We work with you to get you published in targeted online publications that showcase your expertise to your exact audience. The first step is creating an online persona. This includes drafting key messages about the leader. 

Content Marketing

We work with you to create a cohesive content marketing strategy. We create and publish content on your company blog, Linkedin profile, social media channels as well as outside publications.

Custom Content Projects

We work with you to extract your expertise and create in-depth, premium pieces of content that accomplish your specific business goals. This means showcasing a CEO and executive team’s thought leadership.


We believe your company’s message should come from its leader(s): the Founder, the CEO, the executive team.

We not only implement a multi-layered thought leadership strategy but make sure it aligns with your company’s mission statement. Our plan is to go beyond your products and services by establishing you as the go-to authority in your respective industry.  

“Today’s consumers are looking for personal connections and authenticity – and this means establishing a company’s executive as a true authority.”

– Approach Marketing

Your Online Persona

Your time is valuable. We know that running a company doesn’t leave much time on your calendar. 

As your strategic writing team, it’s our job to create key messages from leadership. We do this two ways: 

One, we look at breaking industry news while analyzing customer pain points. We then have a quick 30-minute brainstorming session covering your business and the message you’d like to deliver.

We then transform your responses into quality content pieces –  noting past experiences and expertise.

Key Points of View

In order to attract someone’s attention online, you have to speak their language. 

Since you’re the expert in the industry, we rely on you to develop a list of key industry topics for us to professionally ghostwrite. 

Whether it’s commentary on industry trends, solutions for common client inquiries, or opportunities to promote your company’s upcoming philanthropic event schedule, we rely on you to provide us with the subject matter. We’ll certainly guide you in the right direction, but only you can offer a unique point of view on your respective industry. 

Distribution Network

Outside of high-quality content, an executive branding agency is only as good as its relationships.

Marquis Interactive has partnerships with 100+ publications.

Each week, we post your articles to LinkedIn, Medium, and Quora profiles—since those are the written platforms where your message is most likely to be read and shared.

Then, we push your pieces through our extensive network of publications, exponentially increasing your visibility, audience growth, and the overall awareness of you and your company’s story.




Once your content has been published on your personal LinkedIn, Medium, and Quora accounts, we leverage our network to get those pieces republished by major publications—authored by you.


As a Founder, CEO, or serial entrepreneur, consider this the greatest investment you’ll ever make. When you have people following you, eagerly waiting to hear what you have to say, you can turn their attention to anything and everything you do.


Whether in the comments section or the conference room, your most recent articles will prompt meaningful conversations that keep you top-of-mind.

“I was just reading an article of yours…”


By consistently publishing high-quality content on powerful social platforms like Quora, and by getting republished into major publications, you and your business will begin to rank on Google.

Michael Marquis Technology Copywriter

MICHAEL J. MARQUIS, Founder and Editor-In-Chief

I’m a detail-oriented copywriter and e-commerce sales leader with a passion for strategy. By grounding my work in solid consumer insights and zeroing in on the most compelling messages, I’ve been able to surpass client goals in a wide array of online and off-line media. I’m seeking opportunities where I can use my expertise as a strategic writer to help clients marry their business objectives with the needs of their audiences.

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